Chamber Choir "vocapella"

The chamber choir "vocapella" was founded in 2009.

Vocapella is a group of 25 singers, most of them with professional vocal training, living in Regensburg, Nuremberg, and Munich, enjoying intensive musical work and dedicated to challenging choral music from Renaissance up to contemporary composers.

With vocapella there is another ensemble now, besides the big concert choir, displaying another nuance in the choral work of the Chorphilharmonie Regensburg. Regularly, vocapella performs various a-capella-repertoires in Bavarian towns as well as concert tours, revealing the  perfectly  matched vocalists and the quality of this chamber choir. In 2012, vocapella participated in the international Choir Competition in Rimini, with great success.

In 2014 the chamber choir recorded its first CD: "Favourites".